Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creeping Down the Hallway

Creeping down the Hallway
Quiet as a mouse,
Girl sneaks away
In the old house.
Up and down the stairs
Shadows on the walls
Nobody cares
If the spirit falls.
When she was living
All that she knew
Was the mother called "Darling"
And a father that was new,
Daddy she called him,
though he was not
It didn't matter to him;
Of another she knew not.
Creeping Down the Library,
Quiet as a Mouse
The empty shelves are airy
In the little house.
Memories are Alive,
For the dead Girl
Every absent book Survive
In Deaths World.
Parents read a fairy book
To the little Girl
Before the fever Took
Away the quiet Girl
Now the house is Abandoned,
The books are Gone,
The gods Commanded
The Girl not live Long
Creeping in the House,
Without company of Mother
And her Spouse,
The Girl refuses another
Chance at Life,
Full of fun and Play.
In the Shell of her Old Life
She prefers to Stay.
Silent are the Rooms,
Long are the Days.
She wanders through the tooms
Remembering her lost Ways.
Creeping down the Hallway
Quiet as a Mouse
See her if you may,
In the abandoned House.
There a family was Broken,
Hearts were Shattered
There are Out-spoken
Who ask if it all Mattered;
To one little Girl
Whose Life was snuffed Out
The one quiet Girl
Who I spoke About
It was all she Knew
And it mattered Much,
It matters Still.
Those who believe in Such,
Know she shall Stay,
Until Judgment Day,
And Trumpets Play,
Then she shall go Away.
She shall go to Heaven
Where her family await,
She shall go by Raven,
To those who Dictate,
The ending for All,
In life or in Death,
No one shall Appall
The girl whom in Death,
Loved her home
Her family and her past,
At End of Time, she shall go Home
To rest at Last.

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