Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Office

Stapling and taping

Stapling and taping

Try to connect the pieces

Which left in alone would stay separated.

Dialing and holding

Dialing an holding

Reaching out, only to wait

Until your message has no consequence.

Driving and stopping

Driving and stopping

Our destination is reached

Once we have been halted on our way.

Understanding life

Understanding work

Barring the arduousness of the repetition

We learn to revel in the insensibility of it at all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fairy Gardens

                This is a short story that I entered into the OC Fair, and I have received a letter in the mail requesting my presents at the Awards Ceremony to accept my award! (Happy scream!) My sewn apron also won. Today I also passed my Driving Test. I'm very pleased with myself today.


       The exhaust fumes floated up to Cynthia from the highway in a steady flow of hot stinking air, the fairy covered her mouth to stifle her cough. Most fairies didn’t go near the place, but she liked to watch the lights. She was flying about a thousand feet in the air when the feeling of her very soul being shredded came without warning. It was so over powering she froze and began to plummet to the Earth.

  Through the pain, Cynthia found her senses and forced her wings back open. Her eyes watered as her wings strained against the rushing air to slow her fall. Finding a light breeze, she used it to help her steer away from the deadly highway and towards some houses not too far from the road.

  Using the dim light from a street lamp, the fairy spotted the front yard of a house with long grass and she was maneuvering her way to it when she felt another rip inside her. The little fairy’s heart beat faster than her wings as she struggled to keep from crashing. Thankfully the grass acted as a net and kept her from being injured when she crash landed.

  Cynthia’s breathing was short and ragged as she lay still in the grass. She hadn’t felt this degree of agony in over three hundred years. It could mean only one thing, her garden was being destroyed. An equal dose of anger and fear filled her, giving her enough strength to stand and leap back into the air and fly to her garden.

  Cynthia’s garden was just down the street from where she had landed. She was able to keep down the pain of the garden’s destruction and concentrate on getting there. In just a few moments her garden was in sight, in reality it was just an abandoned property, but wherever there are growing plants: there is a fairy that guards and tends them. After the humans had left the house, the first thing she did was make it inaccessible by growing trees and bushes in front of the doors and windows to keep the local teenaged delinquents and realtors out.

  As she approached it, she could see one teenage boy throwing stones at the windows, hurting her bushes in the process. A boy and a girl were at the edge of the property, acting as scouts while they guzzled down some beers, throwing the empty cans to the ground. The worst of the worst was a boy who was swinging on the branch of her orange tree. There were two other branches on her tree that were hanging by mere splinters to the trunk. White hot rage filled Cynthia and she burst out of her fairy body and into her most powerful guardian form.

** *

 “What was that?” the one teen girl asked looking around.

  “What are you talkin’ ‘bout Kim?” Mark asked.

  “I thought I heard a fire cracker.”

  “I didn’t hear it,” the boy replied.

  “Hey Lawrence,” Bobby hooted, “Take it easy there.”

  Kim and Mark looked over to where Lawrence was swinging on the tree.

  “Boy, he sure found a good branch this time,” said the girl.

  “Yeah, I’ll say.” Mark replied. It was too dark for either of them to see the haze hovering over the base of the groaning branch.

* * *

Cynthia was making the branch more flexible, allowing the boy to swing farther and farther, without breaking it. Once she was sure the swinging boy had attained the undivided attention of his companions, in the peak of his next swing, she made some pointy twigs grow up beneath his hands. He let go with a yelp and was sent flying right into his stone throwing friend. They fell into a heap. Cynthia whizzed over and had some weeds grow over and around their legs, binding them to the ground. After their first attempts to get up failed, the two drinking came over to help them, leaving the six packs behind.

  Cynthia felt giddy; this couldn’t be going better if she had planned it. Floating over to all the beer, she used her will to create small holes in the bottom of the unopened cans. Once the rotten liquid leached out of the cans and into the soil, she gathered up the moisture and forced every drop through the ground and gather where the humans were still struggling with the weeds.

* * *

  “What the hell!” Kim exclaimed as she slipped and fell, landing her elbow in someone’s stomach and her face in the mud.

  “Watch it,” Lawrence shouted whose stomach she had hit.

  She spat out a mouthful of mud.

  “You look like a raccoon,” Bobby giggled till his face turned red. He’d taken a hit of acid before joining his friends so he could avoid sharing.

  Kim wiped her muddy hand across his face, but he still wouldn’t stop giggling.

  “What in the world,” she muttered as she spat out some more mud.

  “What is it?” Mark asked.

  “Get off of me,” Lawrence said trying to push her off.

  “The mud tastes like beer,” Kim replied rolling away from Lawrence.

  “I think you’ve had a few too many.”

* * *

* * * 

  “I swear you guys, I’ve opened only two beers and I haven’t even finished the second one yet,” Kim was saying as she led the others over to the drinks.

  “Yeah, right,” Lawrence said, rubbing his bruised arm.

  “Hey guys, what the heck,” Mark asked.


  “These are all empty.”

  “That’s not possible,” Lawrence said.

  “Check it out for yourself,” Mark tossed him twelve cans bound together with one finger.

  “What are we going to do now?” Lawrence whined after he weighed the cans with one hand.

  “Go out and buy some more, dummy,” Bobby replied.

  “No, I’m calling it a night, this is getting too weird,” Kim said. She held up her keys. “If you guys don’t want to walk, pile in now.”

* * *

  Cynthia watched the humans make their way out of her garden, leaving their garbage behind. Her anger flared up again; had they learned nothing?

  Summoning up a wind, she sent all the cans flying, and the waste chased the teens out of her garden.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Writing Prompt

Here’s another writing prompt I got in High School “Right in the middle, the phone rang….” I remember that I was pressed for time, and this is what I came up with:

Frank and Jessica were having an argument when the phone rang. Neither wanted to answer it, they each had more that they wanted to say. The phone kept ringing until finally, Frank stepped up to the kitchen counter and picked up the receiver. It wasn’t for him thought, it wasn’t for Jessica either, it was a wrong number.

  Frank hang up even more frustrated than before, so they resumed their argument with a new vigor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Song that Makes You Happy!

I'm almost done with facebook's 30 Day Song Challenge, today is Day 21: A Song that Makes You Happy. I was tied between Finger Eleven's "Falling On" and "Paralyzer" In the end I picked "Paralyzer" for the Challenge, but I felt the need to post this great song somewhere.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

About Us

Gazing into your eyes
It’s easy for me to believe
You’d never leave me

But I’ve already know
You’re a night wanderer
Keeping to the shadows

Keep away from me
You’re no good for me
I’m no good for you

But somehow
Neither one of us cares

I’m starring into a mirror
Wondering how things got this far

I go to work
I play the game
I pretend to know the rules

Thank God no one knows
About you.

Looking at me, look at you
With sparkling eyes
You know this will never last

But this infatuation that we feel
Can’t just be switched off
And we both wouldn’t if we could…

I’m standing in the light
The center of the public’s eyes
You know you can’t follow me there

May be that’s why
you’re still here.

You stare into the mirror
And wonder how things got this far

You go to work
You play the game
You act like you know the rules

And thank God no one knows
About me.

I’m a CPA,
you’re in a band
This mixed combination will never last

But we’re still here
With one another
There is no other to come between us.

We don’t know how long
we couldn’t last
Without the other.

Not at all.

We stare into the mirror
And wonder how things got this far

We go to work
We play the game
We act like we know the rules

And thank God no one knows
About us.

About us.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Week

This week was very emotionally demanding for me.
 This Monday as some of you may know, was a bigger drag than the regular Monday. I had some serious cramps, which I have not had to deal with on this level for a while, and I needed to make some reminder calls to some of my Avon customers, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I had been feeling well, as it was, I wasn’t even sure I could speak without groaning, but I go through it alright.
Tuesday I went to the Whittier DMV office to take my driving test and I tell you here and now not to go there ever, ever. I got a woman who was determined to flunk me before she got in the car! Before she came all the way up to the car she ordered, didn’t request: ordered me to get the rosary off of the review mirror. I don’t think it made that much of a difference, but, okay, let’s say she’s worried that it would get in the way of me seeing what’s in the mirror, okay I can deal with that, I’m not that religious, I don’t care if it’s there or not; but still, I can think of at least thirty different ways for her to ask me to take it off the mirror that would have been acceptable from one human being to the other. So, I got Jesus down (wow that looks odd, I thought Jesus was supposed to get himself down [for clarification that’s a joke, and yes, I know I’m going to hell]) and stuck the beads in the cup holder. Once the instructor was in the car and we were going down a neighborhood, she didn’t pay any attention to my driving for the whole first half, she was more concerned with the fact that the air-conditioning in the car didn’t work. At some point she realized all the fussing in the world wasn’t going to get the air cooler in that car, and she told me to pull up to the curb behind a white car, then to stop. I did so, then she told me to backup, I did this, then I kept going, and going and going, I asked how far she wanted me to go, she said she’d tell me when to stop. So I kept going, I must have backed up over a hundred feet. The part of my brain that wasn’t occupied with not hitting the curb was wondering when this would be applicable in a real life situation. After that ridiculousness was over, I was thoroughly shaken and forgot to turn my blinker on and check before I pulled away from the curb, because logically, I was just looking back there and I knew no one was there to signal at, I know the rule is you check and signal no matter what because someone could be there, I know this, but it didn’t even cross my mind to do this until the test woman made a big show of looking behind us after I had already pulled away from the curb, and I thought “Crap,” okay so the word was a little stronger than that, “it’s too late now.” I half-heartedly looked over my shoulder and didn’t bother to flick the blinker on; it was way too late for that. After this I drove much slower, the whole time I was thinking, “What the fink” I’m paraphrasing, “is she going to make me do now?”  She complained about my slow driving and marked me down like I was driving too slowly through the entire drive, (which I wasn’t she was too busy with the air-conditioning to notice) so, she flunked me. That sucked, I need my license before the end of summer, or I don’t know what I’m going to do when school starts. Better luck this Monday I guess, Mama is going to try and teach me how to drive backwards between now and then. We’re going to go over the car controls in my brother’s car too, because I didn’t know where some of them were, (we’re in Southern California, when am I going to use the defroster?) So, hopefully I’ll get it this time, if the tester in Pomona is more reasonable; did I write “more reasonable”? I mean reasonable. Someone reasonable would be nice.
Wednesday was a little better; I went to group counseling for college and got my math level boosted up a level, which is great, because I want to spend as little time in that department as possible.
  Thursday, I rested, and my second Avon shipment arrived and I made all my deliveries, save one.
  Today I went over to a friend’s house and did some quilting stuff with them. I gave away some Avon brochures there, and then went shopping with my mom. So today was all about girl time, it was wonderful.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cutting Back

I’m seriously considering cutting back in my blog. Writing everyday was fun, but now as I’m starting to do more things for my job and school, I’ve had less time to dedicate to my blog, and my quality of writing has really taken a hit. So, I’m prioritizing, it’s more important to do the things I’m doing for my job and school, in fact, I should actually be spending more time with those things than I currently am.

  Since, I’m more pressed for time, I’ll soon be posting less on my blog, when and on what subjects I will be posting I have yet to determine, but sometime this week I’ll make my decision and I’ll let you know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"How do you say that again?"

Tess tried to think of the English words to express what she meant. She had only been studying the language for three weeks. So, it made no sense to her why their teacher had decided to make her the guide for the American exchange student. Somehow Tess had made it through the day without completely embarrassing herself, now it was the end of the day and she couldn’t remember how to bid the American Adieu.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Driving Test

Today I’m taking my driving test, I’m not as nervous as I expected myself to be, but I’m sure that will change the moment I get to the DMV office. Mama is taking part of the day off work so she can drive me down there, which is really nice of her. I’ve never driven in the area of the DMV so it’ll be a new road, and everything, but the driving instructor is going to be giving me directions, it’s probably someone I have never met or even seen before. I don’t understand how anyone can fairly judge someone’s driving in such an alien environment. I’m never going to be in a situation, (at least I hope not) that I’m going to have a complete stranger in the car with me with no one else there. This is probably going to be the only time I will ever do something like that. I don’t know I find it bizarre; maybe I’m just blowing it completely out of proportion because I am a bit nervous, but…it’s still a weird concept if you think about it too much.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


As I lay here in bed

I wonder what it would be like

To have someone beside me instead

of being alone.

I awaken for the day

And I wonder why

Won’t the morning stay;

This is my time to be alone.

I sit at my desk

The chatter of the office small-talk

Intrude my ears like a pest

This is when I wish I was alone.

Lunch is an ordeal

Cheap company abounds

“No, fast food does not appeal”

There is no such thing as “alone”.

The work is over,

Now for the gym

Other’s sweat leaves a flavor

No one speaks; it is close to being alone.

I head for my home

I fix my dinner

I do not feel lonesome

Silence is worth the price of being alone.

I go to bed and sleep

But as the morning sneaks in my window

And my eyes open a peep

I wonder, what is it like not to be alone.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Query Letters (Part 2)

So last week I wrote about how I go about finding agents, but mostly about how I keep records on how I keep track of which manuscript I sent to which agent. Once that is done, I put together my query letters. Drum roll.
There is a basic query frame that I put together. There are certain things in all query letters that are required no matter who you send it to, such as your name, address, and/or email, the agency’s name and info, a salutation,  a catchy beginning, you get the idea. (Again, I’m not saying this is the best way to do things, or that this query letter writing technique will be workable for you at the time you read this, the business is constantly changing, and so are the query letter rules of form. I am just sharing the way that I do it now.) So what I create will look something like this:

Samantha Blackwell

Dear (agent name),
 A plot to murder the queen has just been uncovered and her lead sorceress is dying in a cabin belonging to White, a little dwarf. Leaving it up to him and his seven cousins to find away to save the kingdom without alerting the Ordinaries to their predicament. But what do they, humble dwarfs, know about magic? Nothing! and that’s the problem. My book Understandable is full of plot twists and lovable characters that keep the pages turning. All 45,000 words are tightly packed with information, keeping the adventure fast paced, sure to excite a wide age range not just the middle graders as I originally I intended. 

  The adventure is split into three parts, “How it Began”, “What Now?”, and “Is it over Yet?”; White’s journey takes you through a wonderful fairytale land that lies just beyond our front doors, filled with perils like dragons, assassins, gremlins, and the unknowing Ordinaries (us).

  I’ve never been published, but I have been a writer all of my life. I believe Understandable is more than ready to be read. (How I found your agency), and I’m sending query letters to other agents too.
(Say what I’ve pasted to the email). Please let me know if you would like to read more about my book.

  Thanks for your consideration,
 Samantha Blackwell

As you can see, I make my query letter not unlike a movie commercial, it’s exciting and hooks you right in, telling you just enough for you to get excited about the story, but not enough for you to know what actually happens in the book, which leaves you wanting more.
Once this draft is written out, I then copy and paste it to another document on my laptop, and save the original for later. With the copy, I fill in the blanks and boom, it’s ready to send to an agent or publisher of my choice, and because I saved the original with all the blanks in it, when I’m ready to send another query, all I have to do is copy it again and fill in the blanks. It’s easy and it’s fast. Every once in a while I’ll make minor changes to make the letter better, but mostly it remains the same. Here’s an example of that same query, except filled out.

Samantha Blackwell
Date:  1/16/2010
Agent: Aurora Kingly
Agency: Fantasy Agency

Dear Aurora Kingly,
 A plot to murder the queen has just been uncovered and her lead sorceress is dying in a cabin belonging to White, a little dwarf. Leaving it up to him and his seven cousins to find away to save the kingdom without alerting the Ordinaries to their predicament. But what do they, humble dwarfs, know about magic? Nothing! and that’s the problem. My book Understandable is full of plot twists and lovable characters that keep the pages turning. All 45,000 words are tightly packed with information, keeping the adventure fast paced, sure to excite a wide age range not just the middle graders as I originally I intended. 

  The adventure is split into three parts, “How it Began”, “What Now?”, and “Is it over Yet?”; White’s journey takes you through a wonderful fairytale land that lies just beyond our front doors, filled with perils like dragons, assassins, gremlins, and the unknowing Ordinaries (us).

  I’ve never been published, but I have been a writer all of my life. I believe Understandable is more than ready to be read. You’re agency was recommended to me by a fellow writer, and client of yours, Phyllis McNotReal, the author of “I’m Bored” and I thought my book would be a good fit with your agency, I’m also sending query letters to other agents too.
I have pasted the first five pages of Understandable and a synopsis to the bottom of this email. Please let me know if you would like to read more about my book.

  Thanks for your consideration,
 Samantha Blackwell

So you see, after you learn the language, and develop your own system, sending out the dreaded query letter gets to be as easy as fill in the blank.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet the Writer

This week was very busy, which seems to be becoming my normal week, that’s fine with me, ever the shying violet, I realize that I need to develop social skills, including: small talk, introducing myself and the like.
So, on with my report, yesterday I somehow got the bright idea to bring one of my blog poems to my writers group last night. I thought it would be fun, after all I was growing confident in my poetic abilities, and the next step in my mind is to read it aloud. After some thought I decided to pick one of my favorites, I thought picking a poem that I’m confident in might make the new experience easier when the nervousness of doing something new brings. Then the moment came and I thought I had lost my sanity. The writer group is comprised of people who would never do something to hurt me, not terribly anyways, so it was not really the fear of the people saying something, just what they would think. Oh, my gosh: that was a terrible poem! She needs to stick with fiction, and thoughts along those lines were my fear, which might seem silly to you, dear reader, but what made it so terrible, would be that I would agree with them, I don’t consider myself a poet: so what am I doing bringing my therapeutic scribbling to them? I got through it though, and they enjoyed it. I actually read it twice because some of the people were not at the table and because it was so short no one minded me reading it again. So, it was scary, but I got it done!
The other thing that happened this week that I want to mention to the five people who read my blog (thank you for reading it by the way,) my Mama and I went to Starbucks to meet with a writer, not to read our work or anything, just a social thing, and it was very nice. We got to know each other a little better and it was great. During our writing group meetings we don’t really have time to talk, and even during the “socializing time” there are certain voices that tend to dominate over the others. It was a refreshing change and it’s just nice to know that I have a friend in a fellow writer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poetry Fuming

I didn’t realize until a little while ago that I vent when I write poetry. I know, I always vent when I write, but it seems to be especially so when I am attempting to be a poet, and it’s not an intentional fume, I just…fume. I let out whatever has been bothering me, or making me happy, or sad, or at peace. Whatever it is, I tend to keep true to what I’m truly feeling when I’m writing a poem. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’m so unoriginal all I can write about are my emotions in some form, even “Hostage” my last poem was addressing my feelings of being trapped and vulnerable.

  On the other hand, somewhere I heard that poets only write about their feelings in some form, well, if that’s true, I guess that I am a poet. I have always flirted with the art of poetry, but never have I ever pictured myself as welding the pen of poetry as an expert, I still don’t. I am first and foremost a writer, but I know that even ahead of that, I am a storyteller and I suppose if I think of being a poet as another way of telling a story, I guess I can accept the title of poet…nah.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Party

Betty-sue ran up the front steps to her cousin’s house, she was half an hour late. Her cousin Bill was turning twenty today, while he might forgive Betty-sue for her tardiness, his girlfriend never would. Betty-sues’ five dollar clearance high heeled shoes clicked on the brick steps as she scampered up to the porch. Hurrying up to the door, she used the reflection the ornamental glass the door afforded her, though the oak of the door was so polished she probably could have used that too, she hurriedly fixed her hair and straightened out her dress and fake pearl necklace, they had been a gift from her mother a few years back and they were precious to her for that reason, however she didn’t feel that her cousin’s significant other and the crowd they tended to associate with would understand. This thought struck her just after she had rung the doorbell, she considered taking the necklace off and stuffing it in her purse, but it crossed her mind that a bare neck might actually be worse than one with costume jewelry.
Slapping on a smile, she clasped her purse containing the twenty dollar gift for her cousin with clammy hands and nervous heart as the maid came to open the door.
Here we go…

{The main purpose of this story is for me to practice writing a piece that can get you into the character’s head, and feel what she’s feeling on that doorway in less than three hundred words. Did I succeed, let me know, just leave a comment!}

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Throwing Things Out

I love throwing things out. Let me explain; things have a tendency of accumulating in my room. Since I try my best to keep everything within their various folders and envelopes to the outside observer, it may not always appear that items are beginning to pile up, when in fact they are doing just that. I try to throw things out as they become irrelevant or old, but if I have set something aside in its proper place, I can sometime forget to throw it out when the time comes, or I think I already have thrown it out when I haven’t, or I don’t know that the items time of usefulness has past.
Let me give you an example, just yesterday I had my college folder out, most of the flyers and pieces of paper in there are essential for me to finish the process of getting into Fullerton College: proof of assessment, my student I.D. number scribbled on a scrap of paper (since they haven’t sent me my card yet), proof of orientation, flyers on the different class I can take within my various interests since I’m not positive what I want to study (people ask me what I’ll be studying and I always say Art, because I don’t like the look most give me when I say I have no idea. Some people may have their entire lives planned out, and I want to be one of those people but am incapable of it) I think you get the idea of how much stuff is in that single folder. Because I’ve been so busy lately, I usually only have time to open the folder when I need a particular scrap of paper. So things that are no longer relevant, such as old information on scholarships I didn’t win and flyers for events at the college for this past spring were still in the folder. Yesterday I actually had a free moment, (imagine that) and the folder was right in front of me, so I went through it and had the pleasure of throwing out old pieces of irrelevant notes, and flyers out. I say pleasure because it’s a form of cleaning and I love cleaning because it makes me feel like I’m on top of the pile of stuff that is my life, rather than being buried by it. Also getting rid of these things shows me how far I have come in the process of getting into college, it also makes the folder, so much lighter and easier to carry.

Monday, July 11, 2011

We Are The Fallen ~ Bury Me Alive

Now I realize some Evanescence fans could rip me apart for posting a song from this band, my only excuse is that it's a cool song. Also while Amy Lee's voice is more pleasing to my ears, Carly Smithson has had a lot more voice training, so she can do more things with her voice. But that's not really here or there. Have fun listening and watching everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My phone says ding-a-ling-a

I stare, my heart, it skips a beat

In its frantic tarantella

I wonder what my captor

The reason for my hearts erratic rhythm

Will ask me to do now

Shall I answer?

What will I do? Lie? Act Normally?

What will he decide after the brief ponder?

He gestures with his armed hand.

Oh, terrifying firearm!

for me to stand.

I scramble to my feet

So I shall pick up

I walk with heavy feet

As I reach with my hand, I realize

One word, one frightened breath on the receiver

It will bring my certain demise.

This thought caused the plastic handle

To weigh a million pounds

My lips feel like wax from a candle.

How can I speak,

when I can’t taken in a breath of life?

Will my life be taken by this creep?

The worst was I could have done more,

To prevent this end

Why didn’t I lock the damned door!?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Query Letters (Part 1)

I received a question from a fellow aspiring writer, it was about query letters. As you may know I hardly consider myself an expert on the subject, but as I began to think about it I realized that I know a whole lot more now than I did when I first began. My nature of over-studying and trying to ask more questions than I think I need to ask has taught me a lot about writing a query letter, and the delivery of that query letter.

  First off my advice to newer writers is study!! Read books on how to write query letters, on what to do and what not to do. Then find your prospect agents or publishers and then you need to study more!! I know right about now you would say that being told to study is not what you want to hear, you want me to tell you exactly what you need to do, well unfortunately every genre requires a different approach, fiction, non-fiction; what level you’re writing, child, middle school, young adult, adult and it’s sub category, college level, average intelligence, or a specific field. Which is why there are so many reference books on the subject, and the rules keep changing every year. What I tell you now may be different by the time you read this. So what am I blogging about? Well, I’m going to tell you how I get ready to write a query letter, I am not saying this is the only way to go about it, or even if this is the best way to do it, this is just what I do.

  Let me set up the situation. Let’s say that I have a story called “Understandable” (I have no such book, this is just for an example) it’s an urban fantasy (aka. a fantasy story that takes place in our world as to opposed a fantasy that take place in its own world, like Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”) The main character is…a dwarf named…White, (hey, I’m making this up as I go, so stop snickering.) White works in the mines when he returns home to see a lovely lady dressed as a traveling apple sales woman, (wait for it) she’s a powerful sorceress in disguise, and she has come to the dwarf for shelter. This is an unusual occurrence as you may expect, but White lets her in, and that night she explains that she just caught wind of a plot to kill the queen, so she was on her way to stop them, hence the disguise. White offers his help as a….guide (I guess), she says thanks but no thanks, the sorceress refuses the food White offers her, saying she can only eat the apples she has with her, for they are the key to her strength. The next morning however, White and the sorceress find the basket with the fruit has been stolen, and the sorceress will die if they are not found, and the day for the planned murder of the queen is drawing near, and they need to do all of this while keeping themselves hidden from the other people of this world: the Ordinaries (that’s us)….White goes to his seven cousins for help and together they save the sorceress.

  So what do I do first after the story is written and edited?

I go and find agents and publishers that might be interested in this kind of thing. I write out an index card for each company or agent with all their important information.

Side One:

                (1)White (2)great    other project okay                         


        (3) 1.16.10                 11.12.07 (4) NO

(5) Fantasy Agency

(6)Aurora Kingly



(8) Fantasy Agency

212 I Make It Up St.

New York, MY 99999


(1)    I list the books I am currently searching for agent for; usually I am looking for more than one book at a time.

(2)    I make a note at how well I think my project fits the agency or publishing house in question.

(3)    I note the date that I sent the agency the query letter.

(4)    I write down “NO” when I get a refusal or no response so that I can avoid sending a query to the same place twice.

(5)    Next I list the agency name.

(6)    I list the name of the person I wish to contact; there may be more than one noted person in the company, if possible I narrow it down so that I send it directly to my desired agent or publisher.

(7)    I write down the company email and/or the specific email of the person I wish to contact.

(8)    The final thing on this page is usually the physical address of the agency or publishing house.

Side 2

(1)    Picture books, fantasy, Short Stories

(2)    Q letter Snail Mail with 1st 5 pages & synopsis along with SASE.

(3)    Q letter with QUERY & work title in email subject with 1st 5 pgs and synopsis of work NO attachments. WILL REPLY, if none, email again.


(1)    I list the preferred genres of the company, or specific person I’m going to be sending the query to, in some cases, they list only what they don’t want sent to them in which case I list those instead with NO at the beginning of the list.

(2)     I note how they wish the query letter to be sent by mail. Since I am pressed for space I use a mix of my own shorthand, and the generally accepted slang of the writing world. Q letter, meaning they want a standard query letter, which is only one page long. Snail mail, which is regular mail; a lot of agencies will not accept UPS, or other deliveries and will not even let it in through the door. Some will ask for the first few pages from your work, it can be anywhere from the first five to the first fifty pages of the work, depending on the genre. They could also ask for a synopsis, which is basically a summary of the entire book condensed to around three pages for a “Short Synopsis” or around ten pages a “Long Synopsis” they may or may not specify what kind of synopsis they want and you’re left to guess. A SASE is a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, a lot of companies will not pay for postage to send you a rejection or an acceptance, so you need to send an envelope addressed to yourself with a stamp, even then some do not guarantee a response.

(3)    This is where I note the recommended mode of sending the query by email. Most agencies and publishing companies get a lot of spam, so even if they don’t require it, it’s best to put QUERY in the subject line of your email, with your book title. Most of them are paranoid of viruses, and do not open attachments, so anything that they ask you to send along with the query you should paste to the email, they will most often request it but even if they don’t, you should do it anyways. Some will guarantee a response and will ask you to email another query after a given period of time, because if you didn’t get a response, they accidentally deleted it, or it got lost. Most are not so kind. Most of them will give you a time span of days to expect a reply, and then if they exceed it, you are to assume it to be a refusal.

So, this is how I start my query letter adventure, I think this post is long enough for one day, I’ll be posting more on this subject another time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday - Again

Today my first Avon order arrived, YAY! I’m so happy, and today I went to an audition. Everything is so exciting! I guess I have trust issues with the internet. Since all of these things, the rehearsal and the Avon order were all on-line, I had this bad feeling in my gut, like it all wasn’t real. I mean come on, this is the same internet that we play video games, and keep up with friends on facebook, it seems to go against logic that you can use it for serious things too. I’m always really pleased when something works out that started on the internet. While I do print out directions from the internet, they usually get something wrong, which is probably why I have distrust for things posted on the internet in general. The whole thing could be a hoax after all, my brother would have had gotten a job by now if the internet was reliable the way people like to pretend that it is, yet here I am working my job through the internet, sending query letters for my book on-line, finding auditions, and keeping up with my favorite bands on their websites, because we all know how important that is to me. Now that I have gone to the audition, spoken to real people and received my Avon order, I’m feeling so much more relaxed with the whole idea of the internet… getting directions still sucks though.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Puppy

Whenever I’m feeling like the entire world doesn’t understand me, or I think there is something wrong with me, I confide in my dog. He always makes me feel better. He still wiggles and waggles the same way he did when he was a puppy, which is really comical because he’s so big now.
He still loves to rub up against me; it almost makes me fall down. I keep telling him not to do that, one of these days he’s going to land me on my ass, but he doesn’t care, he just wants to be close to me. It’s sooo sweet!!
I still adore him just as much as I did when he was smaller than our little dog: Tippy; now if he stands on his hind legs he can kiss me on the mouth, though I’ve told him not to do that, ‘cause he’s a dog and that’s grows. I love, love, love, love him!
He likes to sleep beneath my bedroom window, so if the window is open and I’m listening to songs on my computer I can hear him sigh. These sighs are superbly timed, they always occur every time an angry rock song ends, then I play something softer, and I don’t get any comments from the doggy peanut gallery. I guess he doesn’t care for screaming and guitar solos.
So, I love him, he loves me, and all is right with the world!
Merlin, my puppy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dolorous held the crystal goblet up to the light, which caused the dark liquid within to shine burgundy. Reaching across her work table she filled a small syringe with dragon’s blood and began to slowly add the blood to the concoction. Dragon’s blood has multiple functions; most of them are for healing. However, that’s not what she needed it for this time. Her mother had been a healer for the king before he was overthrown by a rival kingdom bringing her family down to the level of peasantry. After the fall of the true king, ignorance and fear took the place of knowledge and exploration of the natural world and its properties. Now, the act of healing, once a revered art, now was seen of nothing short of magic, people grew to fear healers and one night during Dolores’s thirteenth year, her mother was seized by some villagers and dragged behind a chariot until she breathed no more. The reason behind it was some of the crops had failed due to a drought and they had blamed her mother.
Ever since then Dolorous had dreamed of fighting the establishment, and hopefully restoring peace and learning to her homeland. She knew things were going to get worse before it got better, and she had been right, a civil war brought out more fear and panic, but at least someone was trying to do something. She had joined the rebelling forces, willingly. She was not the only healer in the cause; in fact most of the rebel forces were descended from well-educated people and had learned how to read before it became a mortal sin to do so. They were not the barbaric and brutish force who rapped women and ate small children as the establishment would have like all their subjects to believe.
Dolorous added the dragon’s blood until the liquid turned a dark purple against the light. Filling a new syringe with the poison, she then poured wine into two more crystal goblets, and then began to add the poison to one of the glasses, until she knew it was fatal. Then holding the regular glass of wine and the poisoned one up to the light she carefully scrutinized it. There was no noticeable difference in appearance. Then she carefully smelled both of them, they both were the same. Then dipping her fingers in each she tasted both of them. Perfect. It was absolutely undetectable. She had been working on perfecting this poison for over four years. Now she was confident it was ready.
That was when she heard the distinct sound of a boot heel behind her.
She cursed beneath her breath just as someone seized her around the middle, then she felt a sharp object against her throat. She had thought she had been followed, earlier today, but she had felt sure she had shaken them off before she returned to her workshop.
She cursed again.
“For a lady, you sure do use a lot of foul language,” the intruder observed.
“Well, you would know all about being foul,” she retorted wrinkling her nose, his breath smelled like rotten everything.
There was a sound of an arrow and she felt the man gasp before he fell dead at her feet, nearly taking her down with him.
Turning around she saw her bodyguard holding a bow in hand.
“That was awfully close,” she said to him.
“You’re alive aren’t you?” He replied coolly.
Rolling her eyes, she went back to work as the bodyguard dragged the corpse out of the room.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

This week on facebook I decided to participate in the 30 Day Song Challenge. the first song required is favorite song I decided to go with the acoustic version of "Lithium" by Evanescence. I think this was probably the hardest song to pick, since I don't really think I have a favorite song or book or place, generally I don't really have "favorite" of anything. It changes with my mood, but if you were to ask me what my favorite (fill in the blank) is, I would give you an answer fairly quickly, because it's all about my mood, but there are some people who seem to understand that I don't necessarily have a "favorite" then there are others who stare at me like I have two heads because I don't have a favorite. Since I never know which reaction I'm going to get, I just give them an answer and move on.

 If you want to become my facebook friend, or see what songs I pick for the 30 Day Song Challenge (or whether or not I can even complete it) visit:!/profile.php?id=100002346702722 (Remember to Login to your facebook account first!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

It's a common misconception that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th 1776. That famous painting with our Founding Fathers gathered around the document is inaccurate. There was never a large gathering like that to sign it. After it was drawn up, it had to be ridden to several towns where the various Founding Fathers were at the time. We forget, that even when the war was over (in our perspective) there was a lot of political turmoil: What's fair and what isn't? Whose the Governor or leader of this city and so on and so forth. There was a lot to be done, and while that document is now considered to be one of the most important in our nation's history, it was actually just one of many legal documents that needed to be taken care of, and it was well into August by the time all of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence were in their places.

This song is one that I grew up listening to, the country radio stations would play it on every patriotic national holiday, not exclusively on the Fourth of July, and then of course after 9-11-01 they only played patriotic songs for what seemed the longest time. Since I no longer listen to the radio (they don't play what I enjoy listening to anyways) I haven't heard this song from start to finish in several years, and I figured it was long enough.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


If this poem makes any sense to you, leave a comment for me and explain it for me please. I know I’m the writer, and I should know what it means, but I don’t.

If you’re looking a little pale,

Drink so ginger ale.

It’s bubbly and free

There is no better place to be

Than here with Ginger and me.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have a Plan

For the past few days I have been very stressed out. Since I joined Avon, I’ve had to learn the Avon terminology or “language of the business” on top of that I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with the job. Did I want to earn the bare minimum of what I need, or more? Then I realized I didn’t really have any idea how much money I need to do the things I want to do with the money. So there were a lot of questions that I needed answered and most of which I didn’t know how to ask, or where to look. The worst part of it though, was that there were a lot of questions I didn’t even know that I needed to ask. (That was the part that really sucked.) Learning the language of the job, finding out what I wanted out of the job, figuring out what I want and need from the job, and whether or not I tie everything together into something I was capable of doing. I put myself under a lot of stress to find these things out, and I have been very uptight and “not fun” as my Mama would say, (and I think did say at one point).
  But I’ve figured out what I want the job to pay for, and how much I need. I’ve learned enough of the Avon language to achieve that dollar amount, probably not as fast and as effectively as possible, but I am learning as I go, so it’s good enough for me. After all the right questions were asked and most of them answered, I feel a whole lot better, and not under so much stress. I now have a plan, and as anyone who knows me well can attest, (and not many know me well) I am much more fun when I have a plan.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well, It's Friday...

I have nothing to write about really, I haven’t had much time to do much in the writing world this week. In fact it’s been all that I can do just to blog. I’ve been busy trying to get my Avon business going and tie the last few things with 4-H (God am I glad that this is my last year dealing with that crap. Don’t get me wrong, 4-H is a great concept, but there are some things about my group and county that need of some serious overhauling. It makes it difficult to be active, but I try anyway, ‘cause that’s who I am. So, next year, I won’t have to think about it anymore, because I’m done, that’s it, finito! Au revoir! Adieu! Their incompetence has finally driven me out. It’s over.) Wow, I guess my feelings are still potent when it comes to that particular issue. Anyways, I spent some time with that this week instead of writing. Yesterday I did go to a writer group meeting. I need to find a new one; this one just isn’t helpful anymore.

  Lots of love to all of you who read through this, I realize it resembles more of a temper tantrum than an end of the week report.

So here’s a music video called “Stranger than Fiction” by Five Finger Death Punch, I hope you enjoy it.