Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Words

Everyone has heard the saying "sticks and stones my break my bones but names will never hurt me" and we all know that's not true. It's just a subtle way for parents to tell their children to "shut up and toughen up."
Words are powerful things, they can be used to communicate the way you feel, they can be used to deceive, they can be used to move others in a certain direction, or to a certain way of thinking, such as a politician trying to win your vote. The power of words is awe inspiring, they can be used to boost someones self-esteem, or to bring it crashing down. We would still be gathered around in a cave if it weren't for word: (ug, food.)
If the spoken word is the King of ingeniousness, then the written word is the god of ingeniousness. The written word is more credible in a courtroom, than hearsay. Written words tell us the way of life was hundreds of years ago. We can even find ancient ideas that are still relevant to the present date.
Some people say fire was the greatest invention of man, others say the wheel, and still others say the microwave. But I say that words, (especially written words) are the greatest accomplishment of mankind. If it weren't for words, we wouldn't know how to make a fire, wheel, or microwave now would we?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Face of a Clock

When I was in first grade, I got so bored, I memorized all of the little cut out crafts that were pined to the cork board plaque on the wall. The teacher had made them all, which never made sense to me. Why would a teacher take the time and the energy to cut out colorful flowers for the spring, Suns for the summer, and leaves for the fall (winter was the only time we students actually made the paper decorations, they were paper snowflakes, of course, but then we had to clean up the mess after we were done.)
Then there was the Alphabet that was taped to across the top of my desk, the capital letters right next to the little letters, and all of the vowels (Except Y and W)were red, the rest were in black type. Beneath the alphabet was out first name, spelt out by the teacher on the first day of class. This entire arrangement always confuse me...
I had learned the alphabet when I was about two (thank you Barney!) and how to spell and write my name long before I had ever set foot in a school room. (Actually that's a bit of a lie, Mama was going through college when I was a baby, and she used to take me with her to the classes.) The first time I set foot in a class room where I was the one who was supposed to be learning....(No, that's not true either, I don't think I was meant to learn anything in school and anything I did learn was probably an accident.) But that's all besides the point. Why were they taking all of this trouble to make sure that the alphabet and my name were right under my nose? And why didn't they make Y and W red too? Or maybe purple, since they don't always work as vowels. The whole thing just confused me, and it shook some of the foundation blocks of my reading and writing skills in the it was more of a hindrance than a help.
When the teacher was taping that table alphabet/name table tag to the desk, I told the teacher that I already knew the alphabet, and I knew how to spell my name. She said "that was very nice" but she was putting it down so that I would always know which desk was mine. I told her not to worry about it, I was sure that I could remember which one it was. Then she said it was for the other kids so that they would know that desk wasn't theirs. But this didn't make any sense either, because these kids had already been in school for a longer time than me, and I had just arrived from another state; wouldn't they know their own desk from another desk? Especially since their desk had their name written on it? I just said "Oh." and we moved on.

Another thing I remember about first grade is the face of the clock. Either I was looking at the clock as I waited for the other kids to stop talking so that the class would start; or when I was waiting for the kids to be quiet and get in a line so that we could go out to recess, or to go to another class, or to eat lunch; or when I was waiting for the "appropriate time" to go the bathroom.
In the class room, Cogsworth and I got along really well. He was as silent as I was, and his face was filled with disapproval as he looked at the screaming Rug Rats that were my classmates.....yes, he and I got a long really well.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clowns and Vampires, Their Similarities

  1. Clowns and vampires frighten children (but of course we all knew that.)
  2. Clowns and vampires both pretend to be what people want to see, on one hand we have a man (usually) dressed and made up to give an image of mirth to a party. On the other hand we have the vampire, who is dressed up an made up to seem like an ordinary person (they aren't.)
  3. Clowns and vampires are both ridiculed by most of the public (Captain Obvious, I arrrre matey.)
  4. Vampires and clowns have appeared in movies and books as killers (but then again, what hasn't?)
  5. Clowns and vampires have also been cast as the victim of circumstances. (The clown doesn't plan upon being run threw by a bull horn, does he?)

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Snowman's Chance in Hell

A Snowman's chance in hell,
I could not tell
If it is the average image of it,
He would not last a minute.
Fire and torture, torture and fire.
does one consider,
that maybe hell is cold?
Remember that song of old?
"When hell freezes over"
Well, do not tell
But my picture if hell
It is frozen over.
A man made of snow
Will last forever
In the never
ending storm of Snow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eleven Blue Egyptians

Eleven blue Egyptians walked through Cairo. The natives tried to pretend that they didn't notice that they were blue. But they were undeniably....well, blue.
The English men and ladies all gazed upon then in disapproval.
"How dare they be blue," they said amongst themselves, "have they no shame?" They asked each other.

Some other Egyptians tried to encourage the blue ones to come inside, out of sight of the disapproving Englishman. But the eleven went along their way, unperturbed by the disturbance they were creating.

The eleven walked into a hut, that they called home. And they enjoyed the company of their blue cats, which were less snobby than ordinary cats. They prepared and ate a blue diner and they slept under blue blankets that night. And all was well and normal in their world. You could say they looked at the world with blue colored glasses.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Songs That Help Us To Remember

Song of Love
Song of Joy
Song of Memory
Song of Battle
Song of Lost
Song of Memory
Song of Hate
Song of Fate
Song of Memory
Song of Death
Song of Past
Song of Memory
Song of Change
Song of Victory
Song of Memory
Song of Murder
Song of Blood
Song of Memory
Song of Life
Song of Child
Song of Memory