Friday, May 21, 2010

Clowns and Vampires, Their Similarities

  1. Clowns and vampires frighten children (but of course we all knew that.)
  2. Clowns and vampires both pretend to be what people want to see, on one hand we have a man (usually) dressed and made up to give an image of mirth to a party. On the other hand we have the vampire, who is dressed up an made up to seem like an ordinary person (they aren't.)
  3. Clowns and vampires are both ridiculed by most of the public (Captain Obvious, I arrrre matey.)
  4. Vampires and clowns have appeared in movies and books as killers (but then again, what hasn't?)
  5. Clowns and vampires have also been cast as the victim of circumstances. (The clown doesn't plan upon being run threw by a bull horn, does he?)


  1. I want to thank Bill for putting lovely thoughts into my daughter's head. :)