Monday, November 29, 2010


I recently received my driving permit (RED ALERT! Watch the roads!!) No I’m kidding…a little. I’m keeping most of my driving in abandoned parking lots, so you don't really have to worry about bumping into me...or me bumping into you, I guess would be more accurate.

So far I’ve managed to crash into six imaginary cars while backing out of parking spaces, which I was pretending was a crowded mall parking lot (rather than an empty college parking lot); and I’ve hit two more imaginary cars by forgetting to look before changing lanes. Just for laughs, I gave backing into a parking space a whirl, and I’m not even going to tell you what happened. All in all, I’m getting better, and I was unleashed upon a real road with real cars yesterday, and I didn’t freak out…not on the outside anyways.

My car of choice hasn’t sustained any damage, and I haven't given Mama (who has been my licensed driver in all of my driving adventures) whiplash. So all in all, I guess I haven’t done that badly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Days Grace - Last To Know

Last last week I started to learn "Last To Know" by "Three Days Grace" by watching a video that Neil Sanderson (keyboardist and drummer of "Three Days Grace") put together, over and over again, and by listening to the record version to make sure I'm playing the different parts in the right order. I'm positive there's an easier way to do it but I'm just doing this way. I'm really short on time lately mainly because of my trying to learn this song, and it's made me brain dead. So, I thought I'd just let everyone now what I've been up to...I'm not even sure that this blog even makes sense, but I'll post it anyway.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is What You Get

This is what you get with me
What you get is what you see
I don’t ask for much
My demands are such
That an honest person can
Keep it all in han’.

This is what you get with me
Just be who you were meant to be
Then I choose to stay
Or to walk and keep away.
Keep honest and
Find your place to stand
I cannot find
it for you; I do not wish to bind
Myself to you
If you don’t know if you can be true.

This is what you get with me,
There isn’t much to see
My cards are on the table
For anyone who is able
There are no games to play
The price to lose, I can’t pay.

This is what you get with me
What you get is what you see.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Passing The Love

When you’re in a family, and one person gets sick, you can pretty much count on the whole family taking sick in turns. That’s just the way the circle of life goes. You bring a little something into the family, you share it with everybody. By the time everyone has gotten sick, the chemical code that the illness possessed has morphed into an unfamiliar code, and the first person will undoubtedly get sick again. Sure you feel bad for ‘em, but you can’t help feel as if justice has been served. “Take that for getting us sick!” Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m just evil.
But anyhow, this little circle of illness has been dubbed "passing on the love." Because you wouldn't pass this on to someone you don't know, better to pass the love on to someone you love! (Maybe I'm a little batty too.)

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Little Things

People say that it's the little things that make life worth while...and their right.

This week has been really crazy. Anyone with a family knows that when one person gets sick everything tends to fall apart. That’s what happened this week. My little brother got sick on Monday morning, and that was it the entire week changed direction. Today he’s feeling better and I finally have time to do a few things that had been knocked down on my “To Do List” when he became ill.

I washed my dog, which everyone knows is the most important thing! (Now I’m blogging, which is the second most important thing!)
While I was toweling off my dog's stomach, it made a gurgle-gurgle sound.
“I’m sorry, I forgot you just had breakfast,” I giggled.
Then…..he burped! That was the funniest thing this week!