Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Week

Despite the fact that I didn't think I would have a good week considering last week. It turns out I was wrong. What I mean by that is as of this Summer much of what I will be doing next week is dictated by what is accomplished the week before. Casting calls answered, auditions taken dates made with friends all happen (hopefully) at least a week in advance. Making last week pretty much blah. Nothing was set up or planned really. So, with some help from my fairy godmother, who also happens to me my biological mother. She pointed me in the right direction by sending me links to a really good website, if you're new to theater and want to become involved and you live in Orange County California then I recommend you check it out.
 Instead of finding out through word of mouth and not so great Google searches to find all of your local theaters and their websites, just click the link and you will find a list of all the theaters and their upcoming auditions and shows. The theaters are posted in order of the soonest upcoming audition. This I find very helpful. It's much better than saving all the links to all the theaters somewhere and then checking them all periodically. You can just click the link and get there.

This website let me know about the theater "Stage Door" which I had never been too, and the audition for the show "Noises Off", which is such a great play. I went to the audition on Sunday.  

Monday I posted a video that a good friend of mine put together into a video contest. Unfortunately, we didn't get past the first round of judging, none the less it was a great experience and it was now behind me and I was no longer worrying about it, so I could truly appreciate it. I will be posting the video on my YouTube channel soon.

Tuesday I met up with a friend from school and shared a Starbucks, which was nice. Then I hurried over to Long Beach. to go to another audition, this time for a new play called "Character Assassin". I found this audition through my fairy godmother as well. She found the post, I don't know how, via facebook and forwarded the post to me.

Wednesday I spent the day with my brother in Downtown Disney. Let us all take this moment to appreciate Haagen Dasz...


Okay so Thursday I went out for lunch with a writer friend I haven't seen since April. I went shopping and I went out hunting for a skirt that can fit in a 1930's looking outfit for an audition I'm going to in early August. I was unsuccessful. I also went to my school to try and get more information on some job postings that I saw on-line on the work force center for students. I got there at 4:03 p.m. and they close at 4:00. Crap!   I got home feeling a bit unhappy with myself when I got a call from Stage Door, saying that I had gotten the part I had auditioned for, the character of Poppy. I was so overjoyed!

Today, first thing I got an email from the writer and director of "Character Assassin" asking if I would be interested in being the understudy for one of the smaller parts, which was totally fine with me. That means I can get out of going to most of the rehearsals, and Long Beach is not exactly down the street from me. I also got a script for a short film that a fellow actor of mine is creating. It is so funny, I'm even more excited to become a part of it. ALSO I went to the fabric store, bought the perfect fabric for my skirt, and made the damn thing! Then when the mail came in I got a scholarship check that will well cover my college books for the year.

It's been a good week. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Actors

Okay, I have a bone to pick with some people. In particular, young women who choose to be actress only during the summer. Just because it messes with my ratios so badly. Generally speaking I can get one job a month on alone, after submitting for about twenty jobs. Now it's summer and there are so many more postings on actorsaccess and extrasaccess, more postings means more work right? Wrong! In the acting and extras world there is a high percentage of turn over for actors. People try it out for a couple of jobs a year and then stop. That's the nature of the business. I've found since summer started with a new generation of young women who have just turned eighteen and in between high school and college there is a huge influx of actresses who want to "try the acting thing" before school starts up again.
I realize this is not true for everyone who tries acting during the summer, they may be truly trying to make it their job to be an actor, blah, blah, blah. Far be it for me to stop someone for trying out something new. After all I first started looking at acting seriously for money earlier this February. But it still bothers me just the number of people that must be submitting themselves for my ratios to take this big of a dump this summer.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I mentioned the other day an idea and belief of mine to my family and I feel it bares repeating.
Imagination is necessary for a full life and healthy mind. I cannot imagine living a life without my imaginary life with figures from history in a romanticized version that I create and control of course. I have created people from scratch or are inspired by other's fictional characters. These people make me laugh, cry, make me roll my eyes and smile. Imagination makes life so much more fun.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Lone Ranger - The Movie Review

I saw 'The Lone Ranger' yesterday at the Cinema City in Anaheim Hills and after the theater over came some technical difficulties with the projector, they started. 
Not meaning to give away any plot points, let me just say, if you like traditional westerns where there are more bullets fired than are accurate for the time period this has it. If you want some of the ridiculous and impossible physics from the Pirates of the Caribbean, this is contains just that. If you enjoy watching Johnny Depp play a crazy character that will make you laugh, you will not be disappointed. If you said yes to one or more of these questions than this movie is a must see. If you walk into the theater prepared for lots of blood and death and have the willingness to suspend disbelief for both the plot holes and absurd action sequences, than you will enjoy this movie immensely.
Again, not to give too much away, but the moment they played the overture from William Tell, I knew I was destined to own this Johnny Depp-ified Western.