Monday, May 10, 2010

Eleven Blue Egyptians

Eleven blue Egyptians walked through Cairo. The natives tried to pretend that they didn't notice that they were blue. But they were undeniably....well, blue.
The English men and ladies all gazed upon then in disapproval.
"How dare they be blue," they said amongst themselves, "have they no shame?" They asked each other.

Some other Egyptians tried to encourage the blue ones to come inside, out of sight of the disapproving Englishman. But the eleven went along their way, unperturbed by the disturbance they were creating.

The eleven walked into a hut, that they called home. And they enjoyed the company of their blue cats, which were less snobby than ordinary cats. They prepared and ate a blue diner and they slept under blue blankets that night. And all was well and normal in their world. You could say they looked at the world with blue colored glasses.


  1. That was interesting is there more to that story?..I loved the smurfs!

  2. No, that's all for that story. It was a righting prompt for school, and my teacher suggested that I post it on my Blog too.