Sunday, July 17, 2011


As I lay here in bed

I wonder what it would be like

To have someone beside me instead

of being alone.

I awaken for the day

And I wonder why

Won’t the morning stay;

This is my time to be alone.

I sit at my desk

The chatter of the office small-talk

Intrude my ears like a pest

This is when I wish I was alone.

Lunch is an ordeal

Cheap company abounds

“No, fast food does not appeal”

There is no such thing as “alone”.

The work is over,

Now for the gym

Other’s sweat leaves a flavor

No one speaks; it is close to being alone.

I head for my home

I fix my dinner

I do not feel lonesome

Silence is worth the price of being alone.

I go to bed and sleep

But as the morning sneaks in my window

And my eyes open a peep

I wonder, what is it like not to be alone.

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