Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Party

Betty-sue ran up the front steps to her cousin’s house, she was half an hour late. Her cousin Bill was turning twenty today, while he might forgive Betty-sue for her tardiness, his girlfriend never would. Betty-sues’ five dollar clearance high heeled shoes clicked on the brick steps as she scampered up to the porch. Hurrying up to the door, she used the reflection the ornamental glass the door afforded her, though the oak of the door was so polished she probably could have used that too, she hurriedly fixed her hair and straightened out her dress and fake pearl necklace, they had been a gift from her mother a few years back and they were precious to her for that reason, however she didn’t feel that her cousin’s significant other and the crowd they tended to associate with would understand. This thought struck her just after she had rung the doorbell, she considered taking the necklace off and stuffing it in her purse, but it crossed her mind that a bare neck might actually be worse than one with costume jewelry.
Slapping on a smile, she clasped her purse containing the twenty dollar gift for her cousin with clammy hands and nervous heart as the maid came to open the door.
Here we go…

{The main purpose of this story is for me to practice writing a piece that can get you into the character’s head, and feel what she’s feeling on that doorway in less than three hundred words. Did I succeed, let me know, just leave a comment!}

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