Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday - Again

Today my first Avon order arrived, YAY! I’m so happy, and today I went to an audition. Everything is so exciting! I guess I have trust issues with the internet. Since all of these things, the rehearsal and the Avon order were all on-line, I had this bad feeling in my gut, like it all wasn’t real. I mean come on, this is the same internet that we play video games, and keep up with friends on facebook, it seems to go against logic that you can use it for serious things too. I’m always really pleased when something works out that started on the internet. While I do print out directions from the internet, they usually get something wrong, which is probably why I have distrust for things posted on the internet in general. The whole thing could be a hoax after all, my brother would have had gotten a job by now if the internet was reliable the way people like to pretend that it is, yet here I am working my job through the internet, sending query letters for my book on-line, finding auditions, and keeping up with my favorite bands on their websites, because we all know how important that is to me. Now that I have gone to the audition, spoken to real people and received my Avon order, I’m feeling so much more relaxed with the whole idea of the internet… getting directions still sucks though.

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