Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Dog in My Lap

I was outside petting my adorable dog, (I know I’ve posted about my dog in the past, but I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned just how adorable he really is, despite his extra-large-doggie size; so let me just say, if God owned a dog, he’d look exactly like mine.) Yesterday, as I was paying homage to the beast, my little brother came outside to pay his respects as well. I was sitting in a chair that we keep outside, even though I don’t think it was really made for that purpose. Merlin, my pooch, got all perky with all the attention (he’s still acts like a puppy whenever he gets really excited) and he was bouncing between my brother and me.
Once when Merlin was getting pets from me, I said “Go get Zak,” and I playfully shooed my dog away with my hands. Instead of tilting his head at me, or going over to Zak like I expected, my dog jumped into my lap. My dog is so huge, that his bottom half stayed on the ground while his top half pinned me down in the chair, eventually he clamored down.
Then, just as an experiment, I tried it again. Shooing my dog with my hands I said, “Go get Zak,” immediately preceding which, my dog hopped into my lap. I told Zak to go and get the camera, and of course Merlin jumped down to see where Zak was going.
Once Zak got the camer it took a couple of tries this time before my dog would grace me with the honor of him leaping into my too-small-human lap. But we finally got him lying in my lap on film, which is good, because no one would have believed us if we didn’t...

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