Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Heart

Lock it up,

Keep it close

Bar the door

But keep the window open.

Let it live

It needs air

It is easily broken

But protect it from harm

It’s a gentle thing

Yet it can be cold

It’s a giving thing

But it can be the cruelest of all.

It keeps a goal

It takes it’s time

It keeps a beat

But it’s quick to fall.

It moves life

Through our veins

It’s a part of us

But it has a mind of its own.

A hopeless romantic,

A match-maker,

A bubbly little thing

But it gives itself away without thinking twice.

It is the heart

Our hearts

My heart

But it’s really all the same.

Our hearts bind us

And bleeds and beats

And cries and laughs

But they can also be so indifferent.

It will drive you mad

To try and figure it out

It gives life a purpose

But you can’t predict its actions.

It’s more than just an organ

A pump of the body

It can make you insane

But its joys are incomparable.

So keep your heart close

Protect is from itself

But once it decides to fall

You’re going down with it.

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