Monday, March 10, 2014

Lone Heart

The pale rosy glow
Of winter’s cruel cold
Elegantly paints you skin.

Though I stand by
Heart in my throat, at the sight
My eyes proceed to roam.

Too entrances to leave,
Too embarrassed to stare.
My hands, ah! How they tremble.
Is it discernable? Aye, I fear it so,
My girlish blush betrays me.

My knees turn to butter
My thighs do quake,
I fear they can’t hold my weight.

With sentence half finished.
Heart too full, my hunger unyielding
I turn away.

Though my body does exit
your exquisite presents
my heart and my mind remain.

With sighs un-uttered,
And desires un-gained
I let my lone heart

Erode away. 

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