Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cars Love Starbucks

A carpool consisting of a Mother and two sons were burning time by going to the video game store (at the son's request of course.) The son's were determined to get rid of some games that they were tiered of, so they told their driver to please take them to a video game store that was a bit out of their way, but they felt certain that this out of the way video game store would buy up all of their games without any trouble. Mother agrees.
On the way over to the video game store a conversation was "struck up" the subject was something that Mother really cared about: how wonderful her children were. Distracted by her atempt to get her sons to actually believe how wonderful they were, she forgot where she was supposed to be going. Instead of going to the Out-Of-The-Way Game Store, she drove to the Not-So-Out-Of-The-Way Game Store, in which parkinglot there was a Starbucks.
Mother parks the car, and the sons look up with with blushing cheek as Mother continues to "gush" on them. The sons look at the looming building in front of them, then Younger Son says: "Mother, do you want a Starbucks?"
Mother looks up, and sees the sign with the unmistakable logo on it, and without blinking an eyelash says : "Oh! I guess I do!" Mother reaches out and pats the dashboard. "Good car!! It drove me to a Starbucks!" Mother pulls out of the parking space and says: "Oh!" when she sees the Not-So-Out-Of-The-Way Game Store. "Oh! This isn't even the game store you wanted is it?"
"No," replies Older Son, keeping a remarkably straight face. "I said we wanted the Out-Of-The-Way Game Store."
Mother pulls out of parkinglot laughing.
"Don't worry Mother," says Younger Son. "There's a Starbucks in the Out-Of-The-Way Game Store too."
"So there is!" Mother says jauntily. "So my car should just take us there too!!"
They get back on the freeway, laughing merrily. After the sons traded in their games, Car drove them to Starbucks, and Mother bought for them all.

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