Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day

Kathy walked into her third grade class early on Valentine's Day. Nobody else was there, not even the teacher. She preferred it that way. She quickly walked across the room to where the Valentine's Day pouches that her entire class had made the day before were hanging on the wall. She took out the Valentine cards that her mother had bought for the occasion and had helped Kathy fill them out with all the names of her class mates correctly.

Then Kathy reached deeper into her bag and pulled out a hand made card, with hand drawn hearts on it. No one knew Kathy had this card, not even her mother. She placed it into the pouched with Frank written on the front with a green crayon.
Sighing now that that was over with, she walked over to her teachers desk and placed an apple on the desk. It was the reddest and prettiest little apple that Kathy could find in the grocery store the day before. She hoped Mrs. Hatter would like it.
Kathy hurried towards the door as fast as she could and she almost ran into Regina, her best friend. After saying hello to her friend Kathy almost ran out of the building, her face red with the fear that somehow Regina could guess what Kathy had been doing.

Class began fifteen minutes after Kathy had put her Valentine's into place. After Roll Call, Mrs. Hatter thanked the child who had given her the apple. Kathy did not say "you're welcome" like her mother had taught her to do when she was thanked, she knew what Trent, the class bully would say as soon as they were on the playground if she did "teacher's pet" "kiss up" or "traitor" and Kathy wasn't going to allow Trent to ruin how happy she felt; Mrs. Hatter like the apple!!
All the class opened their pouches after lunch time. Kathy was happy to see that she and Regina's pouches were almost full. Kathy looked for the Valentine Frank had sent her and put it into an old pink pencil box that she kept all of her favorite things and hid it in her desk.

When recess time came Frank thanked Kathy for the two cards that she had sent to him; he said she was the only one to give him two cards. Kathy had mumbled a "you're welcome" before Frank asked if Kathy would like to go one to the see-saw with him. Kathy said she would.

Then Regina came over with Mark, her Valentine. Regina confessed to Kathy that she had gone over to class early just to give him a special Valentine. Kathy smiled and said she had been doing the same thing, except her Valentine was Frank.

All four of them had a great time see-sawing and laughing and there was nothing Trent, the class bully, could do to ruin their fun.

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