Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Life can be very fruitful and fun, you just have to learn the trick of making time for doing nothing:

Time in the car is a great time to do nothing. If you need to call someone, call before you get in the car, so you won't have to call anyone while you're driving. And if your phone rings while you're in the car, don't answer it. And don't be nervous about explaining when you call them back, just say you were driving; they won't ask for anymore details. And if they do well...you don't really want to spend time with that person anyway, in fact you didn't like them in the first place. While you're in the car, turn on the radio, or pop in a CD, or tape, or whatever you've got. You'll be in a whole lot better mood when you get where you're going, and your chances of being alive when you get to where your going is a whole lot higher if you commit yourself to listening to the radio than trying to find your cell phone to answer a call or to call someone, or to text message. What in the world is up with that anyway? I don't get it. Dial their number and talk to them!

So another way to make time do to nothing is make a date with your bathtub, I'm sure it misses you. Get the bubbles and the rose petals, or floating candles with bath salts; whatever it is that makes you relax. And remember to turn off your phone. When you call people back just say you were in the bath, don't be shy, they won't ask any questions! And if they do well....you don't want anything to do with that person anyway. Another thing about the phone thing, if you don't answer, and they don't leave a message, don't even bother calling them back. It's bogus!! If it was important, the least people could say is "It's Bob call me back."

So, make time to relax, and do nothing. Go to the park, take a breath of air, read a book. Whatever makes you happy, qualifies as nothing. But if someone does call you and you pick up, by all means don't tell them you're doing nothing, it's almost guaranteed they'll give you something to do, and it may be fun and something you want to do that will still qualify as nothing, but you can't assume that; because their advise might be something that you don't enjoy, which equals work. But by then you would have already told them that you aren't doing anything, so you'll have to lie to get out of it, and they'll know you're lying and that's always awkward. Lots of people don't understand the value of doing nothing.

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