Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I love puzzles, it exercises my brain in a way that I like. I enjoy mysteries too, whether they are movies or plays or a book I enjoy them, I guess they could be considered a kind of puzzle. But even if the plot is predictable to me, I still enjoy guessing how exactly it's all going to go down.

My favorite puzzles are not so much what the end picture looks like than the puzzles that are cut in an unusual shape. Although a cute picture is a good motivator when I get stumped and feel like throwing the puzzle out in frustration. The most difficult puzzle I ever did was a puzzle with a ugly, ugly picture, but I wouldn't let is beat me. The puzzle pieces were all cut the same shape and the picture was a bunch of corn ears, (weird huh?) I'll be the first to admit that out of frustration, the puzzle ended up spending several months under the coffee table on several different occasions. But at last the puzzle was solved with some help from my family. The puzzle stayed on the coffee table in it's completed form for a few months before it was taken apart and thrown away. (We showed it whose boss.)

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  1. Have not done a puzzle in a long time..I think I'll go buy one..In the meantime I have a date with doing nothing!!