Monday, February 14, 2011

Real Rock

I'm not the average teenaged music listener in that I don't listen to rap, hip hop, or pop. I listen to real music. (Real music spans from orchestral, to country, to rock and roll.) There is a very good reason why my generation isn’t listening to newer rock music. It’s because radio stations suck! Their selections are very poor and even the new stations play old rock music. This makes no sense. If new rock stations want to break out one or two oldies when a band member dies, that’s fine; but these “new rock” stations regularly playing oldies that sucked when they came out, and guess what…they still suck. All of the air and movie time in the world is not going to make “American Woman” into a good song, but they still play it.
So, my generation listens to all this stuff that doesn’t even involve someone picking up an instrument and playing a tune, and humming to it. My generation chooses this because it’s more readily available, just like tickets to the Rolling Stones. While they accustom their ears to this trash someone calls music, there are real musicians out there, picking up instruments and singing using their real voices.
Real new rock is out there, you just have to wade through a lot of crap to get there.

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