Monday, February 7, 2011

A Suicide Turned Murder A Short Story

He’d made his decision. He’d had enough. He’s going to kill himself.
He drove down to the bridge outside of town. Parking on the side of the road just before the bridge, he began to cross the bridge on foot.
It was a warm summer night, and as he walked, his pace did not slow. He didn’t experience that last minute of doubt that people on TV shows always depict. He just did it.
Reaching the point where he knew the river was the deepest he hoisted up onto the bridge railing, and without checking to make sure no one was looking, he jumped. Just before his body met the water, he thought he heard a shout.
The fall wasn’t nearly far enough to kill him, as he knew it wouldn’t be.
Swimming down to the bottom of the river was easy thanks to his soaked clothes, although, kicking his feet was difficult with his water logged shoes.
He held his breath as he swam down. Finding the edge of a huge rock with his hands, he began to release his supply of air as he wedged his torso beneath the rock so that he wouldn’t float upward. Satisfied he was secure; he allowed the rest of his air to leave him.
He had taken his first gulp of water when he felt himself slip lose from the rock and start to float slowly upward. He let himself drift and just concentrated on letting more water into himself.
That’s when he felt the hands grab on to him and pull him swiftly up through the water. Disoriented from oxygen deprivation, he didn’t struggle….at some point he passed out.
When he awoke, someone was trying to perform CPR on him. He tried to push away as he gave way to a coughing fit.
Whoever it was started talking to him, but all the words ran together. All he could make out of his so called savior through the darkness was a vague figure, and the voice was quit deep.
He rolled over to cough up the water more easily, as he did so, he pulled away some more.
Grabbing him and pulling him back, the stranger demanded to know what he was thinking.
He didn’t reply. Instead, his hands scrambled to find something, anything to get himself out of this.
That’s when he found the root. Seizing it, he sat up suddenly and plunged it into the stranger.
The root slipped right into the stranger’s body. Collapsing across his legs, the stranger lay still and the suicide pushed him off in disgust.
Some people have all the luck.

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