Monday, March 7, 2011

When They First Met

Jessica was exited the High School bus. She and her family had just moved into town and this was her first day at school. She came up to the brick building that resembled a prison; it even had bars in the windows.
As she stepped inside, the over-cooled air seemed to assault the exposed skin on her face, arms and hands. Thank goodness she had been thoughtful enough to wear jeans today.
She managed to find her first class without too much difficulty, and took a seat just moments before the bell rang; which didn't give anyone time to speak to her, and that was okay with her.
Jessica had always gone to public school, but she had never been able to find any long lasting friendships. She had always been different, even when she was little. She hadn't played with dolls, nor had she ridden a pink bicycle with streamers coming out of the handle bars like all the normal little girls. Jessica had liked to play with toy cars and she had ridden a black mountain bike as soon as she was big enough.
Whenever she met kids her age, it would start out fine, Jessica wasn't an unlikable person, then the differences started to show and something would come up that would cause everyone to be uncomfortable around her and they'd leave.
Now that she was in High School, she was just as different as ever, and she had no reason to expect making friends to be any better than it had been in the past.
Getting to her second class wasn't as easy as the first. When the first bell rang, she finally gave in and decided to approach someone.
Looking around, she saw another girl closing her locker.
Walking up to her, Jessica asked where room 24 A was located.
The girl seemed to be older than Jessica by at least a year; she gave some clean cut directions to the classroom.
After thanking the girl, Jessica introduced herself; the other girl said she was named Grace.
As they parted, Jessica had no way of knowing that Grace would prove to be the best kind of friend one could have.

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