Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolves - If everyone cared

I found this yesterday. I believe it to be a great representation of the beauty of these animals. Wolves have been greatly misunderstood for centuries. If we all learned to think with clarity and logic, we would all understand that the wolf is a needed animal in the wild to keep the balance of life and death. The elimination of this vital strand of the web of life can only lead to disaster. Not to mention the wolves serve as a reminder for us humans that all things of nature have a place and are beautiful.


  1. was just surfing and found this nice blog of yours.. and had a few words to say..

    wolves I fell in love with them after watching the anime series wolf's rain... they're amazing! nice video.. Some nice wolves pictures in there!

    lately some good people out here have started caring about nature as a whole... otherwise world is fast approaching towards extinction of many such animals!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Always glad to read what other people are seeing and hearing! :) Please visit again!