Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday - Not So Bad?

I knew it was going to be a crappy day before I even opened my eyes. I could hear the soft pitter patter of rain that was hitting the shrubbery beneath my bedroom window, the uneven rhythm was interrupted by a sharp plunk as the occasional large drop of water fell of a tree leaf and hit a windowpane.

Rain is always good thing, that’s what my mom used to say “it makes everything green”. Yeah, too bad the good people of Southern California have no idea how to drive in the rain! I learned how to drive in the Ozark Mountains where what is called “rain” in So Cal was known as a “mist”. Buckets being poured from the sky was barely considered a storm, there had to be lightning, a gust, or hail (preferably all of the above) to be an undisputed “storm”, and we got plenty of storms all year.

The temperature must have dropped over night as well. My nose, exposed shoulders and arms felt as cold as marble while I tried to find my blankets by touch. My numb fingers fumbled as they found the edge of the comforter. Once I got a good grip, I gave it a swift pull and covered my freezing upper body only to uncover my toes. Curing up into a loose ball (and sticking my nose beneath the covers for good measure) I waited for the cool and lifeless fabric to warm up with my less than considerable body temperature.

I breathed in the familiar scent of my bed as my muscles slowly began to warm up and relax; that was when my alarm went off. I have nothing against Aerosmith, except when they are waking me up in the morning. My arm shot out and slammed on the off button. The cold surface of my radio seemed to suck the heat out of my hand and soon began to do the same to my arm. I quickly pulled it back under the covers.

I took a deep breath as I prepared myself of the shock my body would receive when I threw my covers back to sit up…and I had thought Monday was a bad day.

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