Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Basement

It is insane

By the end of everyday

I should stay

And lay

Always afraid

Of something unpaid

Something left undone

From which I wish to run,

Like a bullet from a gun.

Ahh! The gun

After it went off

My fate did change

It opened wide the gate

The door

Oh! No! Not the door!

Down the basement

When it hordes

A person once adored.

He was smitten,

Like a kitten

Not nearly as fit in

the society.

Pity I did take on him

But not long did it take

My soul to break

A clipping chipping,

Heart-less man.

My heart did sign

And like a useless

Tumor within me.

It did spread like a cancer

There was but one person to answer

For the numbness that is me.

Standing within the kitchen

Was the case of my affliction

To fulfill my intention was so easy.

Who would have thought freedom

Could come at so small an expense?

All I needed was the cheap pistol

Why by the handsome revolver when

The cheap thing will do the job?

Maybe once all is done

And all my cares are buried

And no more need me thought of

I shall learn to live before I die again.

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