Monday, August 26, 2013

Samantha's Animal Stories

Last week I finished my third book. “Samantha’s Animal Stories” began one day when I was visiting Galveston Texas. This was years before the oil spill there. I was lazing about the condo I was staying in and I had a pad of paper and a pencil. There was no one around, so I did what any writer would do, I made up a story. This was soon to be the first story in a series that followed about people and their journeys with their beloved pets. This story was called “Jessie’s Dog” and it is still the first story to be told in the book itself. I’ve been sitting on this book for a while now and I kept editing and editing, until I realized I had edited myself into a hole and couldn’t get out. So I put the away for a semester of school and a summer break. My first day of school starts tomorrow, Tuesday, and during the past month I opened up my book and started editing, for the final time. I’m still not a 100% happy with it, but I’ve decided it’s time to let it go, for better or for worse.
For the first couple of months you can “borrow” the book for free if you have a Kindle. You can read a snippet of it for free on any internet device. And it’s going on sale for the awhile during its release. The link to the Kindle version is here:

Or if you’re a bit old-fashioned like me, and like to have the actual book in your hands, then go here:

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