Monday, September 2, 2013

Past Experiences

It's strange how your past experiences can change a situation. For instance, I went on two auditions within the same month and I was full of energy and I had a lot of fun with the cold readings that were given to me. I was creative, I was energetic, I was out there. One of them I thought I was over the top and afterwards felt kind of embarrassed with how goofy I had gotten with the role. People watching could either have been really uncomfortable and embarrassed, or could have found it funny. Where did all of this energy come from you ask. Well, upon further examination I thought that perhaps my last experience with auditioning, and getting cast and putting on a show had something to do with it. On that audition I had fun. I performed a monologue that I knew like the back of my hand, I added some sassy aspects to my character, which made her very funny to me and I just...had fun. I knew my audience, they were fellow students at my community college and a lot of the directors who would be casting me were students as well, and I knew a fair number of them, so I was comfortable with the choices I had made with the monologue and performing it for them. I landed a part in a play that had a few experimental ideas put into it by the director. She, the director, asked me to do things that pushed my comfort zone at times, but this challenged me to grow as an actor and I accepted it. As a result I learned a lot and I enjoyed it. I believe I went into the next few auditions with the aftereffect or afterglow of that audition and show. As a result I was more comfortable being a little bit more daring in my auditions, even though I didn't know anyone in the room. This is a good thing I think. The reason I say this, is because in the two auditions I mentioned, I got parts in both plays.

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