Tuesday, September 27, 2011

50 Things That Are Right About Me

50 Things that are Right About Me

Here’s a good self-esteem booster I found on the blog of a fellow writer. Here’s the link to her blog: http://coreenamcburnie.blogspot.com/2011/09/50-things-that-are-right-about-me.html

Just list 50 things that are right about you, and it will help you realize there is nothing wrong with you.

1.       I love to quilt with my Mama

2.       I love my dog

3.       I love both my brothers

4.       I love my parents

5.       I love to write

6.       I have been a storyteller since I could speak

7.       I love acting

8.       I love to listening to Skillet

9.       I love Amy Lee’s voice

10.   I think Jacoby Shaddix is a hoot

11.   I think Jerry Horton is hot

12.   I think TV is a load of crap more times than not

13.   I think Christine Bryant is a sweet heart

14.   I think people over-use and misuse the word “friend”

15.   I think my brother’s little dog is a little nuts

16.   I think Billy Joe from Green Day should never get his teeth straightened

17.   I love Three Days Grace’s last album “Life Starts Now”

18.   I love giving my family hugs

19.   I think that this year I will be able to pay for a dress that I’ve been dying to buy since I saw it.

20.   I love the color pink

21.   I think everyone looks better with long hair

22.   School comes before my job

23.   School comes after my family

24.   Nothing comes after my family

25.   Listening to music makes me happy

26.   Listening to music makes me more creative

27.   I love Chi tea

28.   I’m okay with wearing no makeup

29.   I don’t like short skirts

30.   I love wearing hats

31.   I’d rather wear glasses than contacts

32.   I am a witch

33.   I am a musician

34.   I am a natural artist

35.   I don’t care if people hate me for my hair color

36.   I am drawn toward real people

37.   I have a pretty mouth

38.   I like my hands

39.   I enjoy watching movies with my family

40.   I love sunny days

41.   I have the cutest dog in the world!

42.   I have the cutest little brother in the world

43.   I got my driver’s license on the third try

44.   I like to sleep in

45.   I like chatting with cool people on the internet

46.   I exercise everyday

47.   I always get my homework in on time

48.   I like helping people

49.   I like staying up late

50.   I love living in California

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