Monday, April 18, 2011

Cloudy, Lousy

All I can think about is the clouds here in Southern California. So, I think I'll just complain.
Yesterday was sunny and over ninety degrees, what the heck happened? It's sixty degrees out and wonder I felt like hibernating this morning. But I don't have that option. Even my dog, my adorable bouncy dog is depressed. He looked at me and asked.
“Where’s my friend, the Sun Nana?”
“You know that’s a good question Mer. He didn’t call to say he’d be late or anything, he’s just gone.”
“Did we do something wrong?” Merlin asked.
“I wish I knew Mer, I wish I knew.”

I've lost my mind huh...


  1. We flew to California last July and were pleasantly suprised to have temperatures in the 70's in LA and in the 60's in San Francisco. Not what we expected at all, but it made for a very nice vacation (it was sunny though).

  2. I'm glad you had a good time here! The weather has been unusually cool, who knows how long it will last, or maybe it's going to become the new norm here, who knows....