Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oscar Wilde

I love Oscar Wilde’s work, he is a great writer: stage scripts, novels, short stories, poems, all of it fabulous. I eat it all up. He has a humor that is absolutely timeless and keeps the intellectually challenged in the dark, for it is not for them to enjoy the genius of Wilde. The wiser you are the more twists and turns there are in his writing. “The Portrait of Dorian Grey” will always intrigue me with the heartlessness of Dorian Grey, and his eternal beauty. “The Canterville Ghost” will always make me laugh at the American’s failure to pay the old ghost the proper amount of fear owed him. “The Importance of Being Ernest” with its absurd characters weaves a perfect example of satire. “The Nightingale and the Rose” will make me tear up every time with its beauty and sadness.

  Sarcastic and clever, serious and tragic, silly and absurd, sad and beautiful; Oscar Wilde’s work will last for as long as good taste for literature survives in human beings.

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