Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Concert

It's 11:59 and my family and I just got back from me and my siblings very first concert with Pop Evil, Finger Eleven, and Papa Roach. We didn’t know who the opening bands were when we bought the tickets, our soul intention was to see P-Roach. But we enjoyed the other bands too.

Our plan was to get there at 8:00, when the show started and leave at 10:00, so that our mom could go to work the next morning without circles under her eyes, well, turns out Papa Roach didn’t start their performance until 10:00, so that blew that plan out of the water. Once the band started, we couldn’t leave! They were so great! I found myself shouting out the lyrics to songs that I don’t even like, such as: “Angels and Insects” and “Last Resort” they were that good! It was so much fun!

The only downside (and this had nothing to do with the bands) there was a barfly right in front of us and he banged into me one of the times he got up for another drink or whatever. Then the same barfly threw his drink on some girls in front of us who were dancing and were in his view of the band. Then one of the girls threw her drink back in retaliation, and got me in the shoulder. So now I smell of boos, not exactly what I was looking for in my first concert, so I flipped her off, then we left (the concert was over anyway, and the boys had taken their bows.)

Thanks Papa Roach, you rocked my first concert. Love you guys!

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