Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sleep, sleep, sleep,

The cradling silence

Wraps me up in blankets

Of forgiving oblivion

Strange dreams of the sleeping mind’s

Sour and sweet nectar drink

And guilty pleasure:

Comes at no price.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Wake! Wake! Wake!

Wake I say and greet the sun

The father of life and breath.

The flowers open their petals

So must your eyes.

March the march,

Fight the fight,

Or walk alone on your own path.


Wait, wait, wait!

Peaceful is hard

War is easy.


If peace were easy,

They’d do it

If war were hard,

They wouldn’t partake.

Stay, stay, stay

Watch a sun rise

Count the stars

It won’t take long.

Our lives are over in a twinkling,

So take your time,

No rushing here.

Wait and stay, wait and stay.


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