Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Trip - Sacramento

Sacramento Capitol dome
When my little brother, Mama and I went through Sacramento on the way to UC Davis for a Public Speaking Contest, we made a quick detour to see the State Capitol. The architecture was breathtaking. It reminded me of how great artists were once revered, encouraged and most importantly funded, to do what they did best: create.

Mama at Capitol staircase.
In a time of cheap labor and fast deadlines, nothing great will ever be built again, unless someone begins to take an example from the Medici family and start funding the Leonardo of today. Otherwise, there will be nothing left of us but the rubble of quickly put together plans of today, which won’t be worth remembering tomorrow. We are in the dark ages and if you don’t think so: look at the Sacramento State Capitol and name one thing that has been created in this century that can even remotely measure up. Even the stair rails are pieces of art!
Wooden bear head staircase decoration

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  1. Sacramento is not a bad place at all. It gets a bad rap mostly because its abundance of venues for entertainement, sports, food can be quite bland and unflattering compared to other cities. USA welcome the millions of foreign visitors and immigrants. I'm not saying there arent nice places or things to do in Sac, but believe me compared to a city like Seattle as an example it doesnt quite have the same sizzle image wise.