Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lady Jane Grey

"Innocent Traitor; A Novel of Lady Jane Grey" by Alison Weir is the book I have been reading lately. Alison Weir is an excellent writer and historian who paints a very vivid setting of the mid 1500's in the political world of the time.
Lady Jane Grey lived a very short and all references agree - wretched life. As a young girl, she was no doubt kept in the dark about much of the plans that were made about her own life until deals were made and the contracts sealed. in order to paint the full picture of the intertwined religious and political structure and power struggles surrounding her life, we must look beyond what she knew and what others did concerning her. Alison Weir weaves and excellent story consisting of all the view points of the people who made the decisions that brought about Lady Jane's life course to a tragic end.


  1. So it goes when parents weave tangled webs with their children's lives

  2. Are you familiar with that famous painting of Lady Jane Grey's executio byPaul Delaroche,which is the National Gallery in London, very disturbing but you somehow can't look away.Yuo can find it with a quick google searc, thought it may interest you.

  3. Yes, I have seen it before, thank you for bringing it up!