Saturday, May 14, 2011

You know you're a Writer When 1

You know you’re a writer when you have pads of paper and pens within easy access of your bed.  
Pretty much everyone who has been writing for a while at one point had a great idea right before they fell asleep. That’s just one of those weird things about our brains that just happens sometimes. We’re close to having an idea, but can’t quite break through to reach it. Then it comes to us right when we’ve stopped trying, but we can’t let it go by – wouldn’t it just be peachy if we forget the idea by the next morning? So now we always make sure we have a pad of paper and writing utensil close to our beds. Every the optimists: we writers are always anticipating the big breakthrough to occur anytime and at anyplace. Which isn’t a bad thing: we need that optimism to survive all the rejection letters and the non-responsive agents.

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