Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The fall of the Vase

The vase sat upon its pedestal and coolly serveyed his neighbors, if he had been in the possession of a nose, I am sure he would have been looking down it, and occasionally would have given the occasional disdainful sniff. None of them were even worthy of being in his presents. The only one close to his high rank would be the long legged marble topped table he sat upon, but even he was not above rebuke, he had one leg that was shorter than the other three and had a tendency to tremble when someone with a heavy step walked past. The vase had found it prudent to rebuke the pedestal on several occasions about this flaw, yet the table had failed to do anything about it, with the feeble excise that he couldn’t do anything about it.

  The last day of the vase began like any other day, but then the earthquake began. The vase began to rock back and forth upon the table. Vase began to scream at the table to stay still but like always, the table excused himself by saying he couldn’t do anything. The case rocked at first very quickly and in short rocks, but it didn’t take long for the earthquake to gain momentum causing the vase rocks back and forth dilate until the ornament was thrown asunder and crashed to the floor, breaking into a thousand pieces; and so, ended the tyranny of the vase over the other item occupying the living room. No one mourned the vases violent death, with the exception of the pedestal. Despite the vases snootiness, the piece of furniture had grown quite fond of him.

  As time elapsed, the table became apprehensive when he wondered who would take the vase’s place. Would it be worthy to adorn his fine marble top? He grew so frantic by his fears that he fell over, his short leg having cause the other three to grow weak during the earthquake. In falling he too broke and the two most distinguished of the living room’s items went out with the trash that Friday.

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