Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Hat (aka. My Brother's Hat)

                Avon has just started selling what they are calling “Foxy fedora” (Product number 532-025 price $24) it’s adorable don’t get me wrong, but I started wearing my brothers fedora before I started seeing models wearing them.

The Story Behind the Hat

First it was my brother’s hat, then he out-grew it about the same time I started abducting it from his room to wear it around the house until he would take it back. Then to my immense joy, he tried to put it on right after he took it from me one time, and it was ever so slightly too small, (just enough for him to look a little goofy, but not enough for him to notice by the feeling of it.) When I hinted he could give it to me, he said “no”. When I continued to push it and suggested that he could give it to me as a gift, (Christmas was on the way) he smirked as he put the hat away. That Christmas I found the Fedora with a ribbon wrapped around it and a bow; it didn’t need a label for everyone to know who it was to and from.

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