Friday, June 10, 2011

Agent, First Contact!

As a new writer, I view agents as elusive creatures, and nearly impossible to please. Yes, I said “nearly” today, I finally intrigued somebody! An agent from Pippin Properties Inc, who wishes to see my A Slice of Life Death book no less! She asked if it were possible for me to hold off on sending queries to other agents for a month to give her time to receive the manuscript and read it before coming to a decision on whether or not she will want to be my agent. I am so excited! Finally a personal response! The last time an agent took the time to personally email me, it was to critique my query letter! I messaged her back saying I would gladly postpone sending out more queries as she requested, and was more than willing to send her the manuscript. I enquired in what form would be best to send the work, and I am presently waiting for a reply. This is so exciting! That is my entire report for the week; I figured that's more than enough suspense for one blog.

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