Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Apologies - Makeup

First off I want to say I’m sorry for the tardiness of this post. Tuesday just got away from me somehow. It seemed for a moment it was there then the next thing I knew it was midnight: too late to post, so I figured since it was already Wednesday, it couldn’t hurt to wait a few more hours and get some sleep…

  My Post

 So my Mama and I finally got eyeliner, I’m glad because now I have my own and my Mama’s glad that I’ll no longer be “stealing” hers anymore. A while later, I began to reflect on my attitude towards makeup over the years, when I was a little girl I loved makeup, it meant that I looked more like one of the big girls. I got my first mini makeup kit when I was four on my birthday, and that Christmas I got my first acrylic nails, they were light pink with dark pink ballerina slippers on them; they didn’t last through the morning. Also when I was five I got my ears pierced and my first bottle of sparkly blue Bon-Bon nail polish, (which I might add turned out much better than the acrylic nail attempt.) I was eight when I got my first bottle of perfume, it was sparkly blue too, and it was around that time that I finally got through my first makeup kit. After that I got some Cover Girl eye makeup, but I mostly stuck to lip-gloss, and only when my lips were actually chapping.

  By the time I was in my early and mid-teens I felt makeup was unnecessary, vain and utterly pointless. Though Mama did collect some free sample lipstick and lotions for me. She also continued to get me new nail polish (even when I asked her not to) when I was about fourteen she started giving me some of her old nail polish and lipsticks that were “too young” for her now, (at the time I didn’t really understand what she meant by that, even after she explained it to me.)

  It wasn’t until I was fifteen that I put on lipstick and the Cover Girl eye makeup (which I applied to my cheeks as well as my eyes, not realizing that eye makeup, is only supposed to be used on my eyelids,) and purple nail polish, then I changed my mind to blue nail polish, which I just put over the purple polish, which wasn't really done drying yet. (After that of course it took all night for the polish to finally harden.) The occasion that I did all of this for was a Halloween party and I had felt significantly underdressed after I had seen my Mama and decided that a little makeup wouldn’t hurt.

  Once the party was over, I came to the conclusion that makeup was alright, under the right circumstances. I didn’t suddenly start putting on makeup every time I preformed the piano, or made a public presentation. Just every once in a while it would cross my mind that it “wouldn’t hurt” if I added a little bit of makeup to my face. I can actually list all of the occasions and what exactly I used and in the original draft of this blog I actually did make a list. However, now I think that’s a little silly and you’re just going to have to take my word for it.


I received an email earlier today from my Mama suggesting that I might sell Avon as a first job, and I think I just might. In my early teens I wouldn’t even have considered it, I guess it just goes to show that you can only go so far in one direction before your life just brings you at full circle.

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