Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Test of Time

  Rupert started walking down the concrete, he didn’t have a destination. His girlfriend had just broken up with him, and he needed some time to himself to sort through his emotions. He felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. That’d be Eddie, no doubt the news had reached him by now and he’d want to hang out, then they’d grab some beers until Rupert couldn’t remember why he was so upset.
  He wasn’t quite ready for that step in the “getting over it” process. After his phone signaled that there was a new voice message, he took it out of his pocket and turned it off. As he continued to walk his shoe caught in one of the cracks and nearly fell to the ground, the phone wasn’t as lucky. He didn’t bother to pick up the pieces as he continued his walk.

He looked at the fissure in the sidewalk and wondered how long it would be before it too had grass growing through it like many of the other cracks in the sidewalk. He wondered if there was anything in this entire world that would stand the test of time. Little things might make it through, but, nothing is going to look the way it did right now.

  He supposed the Earth would still be here, even through concrete it had found a way to live. He guessed he could do that, struggle to live, and he’d win a little at a time.

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