Friday, June 24, 2011

Working on Enthusiasm

Sometimes writing on a particular project is not unlike pulling out your own teeth. One of my newer projects “Chloe’s Diary” has been on chapter two for entirely too long now. Spitting out the prologue and first chapter was relatively painless. I don’t know what happened, after the first scene in chapter two was typed out, all my drive and enthusiasm evaporated and I have been unable to sit down and get on a roll for a while now. When I first began to have trouble writing things down, I thought I would set it aside and I would pick it up when it was ready. So I waited…then I waited some more, then I forgot about it for about a month. When I came across the file on my computer, I remembered that it existed and I opened it up. I read and edited the prologue and first chapter, by the time I reached the second chapter I was getting excited about where it was going and as I began to recall some of the ideas that I had about what was going to happen next, then something interrupted me, I don’t recall what it was, and I was forced to leave the story, when I returned and finished editing, all my prior excitement was gone. Not about to let it sit going nowhere all over again, I decided to try a different tactic and keep it where I would see it and I would make myself open it up and write something, even if it was only a sentence every time I had a moment to spare and maybe, just maybe I would get on a roll and I might get the second chapter done. So far it hasn’t worked, but at least I’m working on it while I’m waiting for the writing adrenaline to come along. It makes me feel like I’m not an utter failure as a writer.

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