Sunday, June 26, 2011


Standing by the edge of hope
Of the precipice divine
We two walk a tight rope
For love so hard to define.
My Becky grasps my hand
Through the ridicules that measures in hours
Never alone shall I stand
No one can break this love of ours.
They say we are unnatural
They declare us unclean
God’s word is factual
What we are is obscene.
Within my heart there lies
The ever growing truth
If this feeling for Becky I must despise
Than pardon me, for being uncouth,
But I’d rather be crucified
Then walk away from her
For there would be no way to justify
Walking away from her.
We’re not the true issue of your debate
I don’t think we’re that different
We feel pain, fear, and hate
All the joys of Earth we too appreciate,
So what is your hate in us
What is it that you fear?
If you’re reasons are true and just
You may speak plainly here.
You have no new answer?
No reason behind your claim
Well then my dear pastor
Who is it I should put the blame
Of all the stones thrown
And taunts yelled
For the feelings that are my own?
Who has taught all others that we shall be repelled?
Return the subject back to God
The unseen Father we must adore,
I do not believe it is the will of God
To give me this love, so I maybe hurt more.
Now my life is filled with sorrow
No epitaph shall cover the feelings abound
That I feel at never seeing Becky on the morrow
For she, a love so sweet, never another be found.
My heartaches for my Becky
To see her smile once more
None felt the pain, more than my Becky
Every shout and cry left her feeling sore.
Until the grief was too great
And she lost her sweet smile
The ill words left her in such a state
Yet she hid it from me all the while.
No one will tell me how she died
They say it’s not my business
For many an hour I have cried
For wondering how Becky called for Death’s kiss.
No one informed me of the funeral
I discovered it alone
So now I stand before you all
Here I stand alone
No one will take my hand
No one will dry my tears
Here alone I stand
As I will for coming years.

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