Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oceanside Murder

  A body with several bullet wounds was found by Mr. Grayson on the morning off November 14 2009. After he discovered the body, he immediately called the police who arrived twenty minutes later. The body was removed from the site after the scene had thought to have been properly documented and recorded.

Mr. Grayson was questioned and allowed to leave. During the autopsy several finger prints were found on the body, and the police were able to make a positive identification three hours after the body was found and ten hours after the murder was estimated to have been committed. The victim was one Kent Portly, and local auto shop repairman.

  Five hours after the police found the finger prints, they matched one William Ferdinand, an ex-con and known friend of the victim. Ferdinand was arrested three days after the discovery of the body. Ferdinand admitted having met the deceased down at the beach the night before the body was found, and that they had an argument in which Ferdinand seized Portly, but according to Ferdinand, they did not exchange blows, nor did he kill Portly. He claims they had parted sometime after seven o’clock, still angry at each other, but Portly was still alive and very much in good health.  Ferdinand then claims to have returned home and remained there the rest of the night.

  Ferdinand was held on trial and found guilty of the murder, though he continued to deny it. He was sentenced to death six months after the murder. A case which seemed very straight forward, is now believed to be one of the biggest botch up jobs by law enforcement in the last eighty years, find out why, tonight at seven.

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